2018-07-19 / Letters

Respect sovereignty; Poverty main reason for border crossings

To the editor:

A recent letter writer to your paper complained that the Trump administration was ignoring asylum seekers their constitutional rights.

The writer said our laws guarantee those seeking asylum the right to a fair hearing of their claims within a reasonable time.

Statistics tell us most of the so called asylum seekers are coming from Central America by traveling through Mexico. If they are truly seeking asylum why not petition the Mexican government for asylum? The answer, I think, is obvious: they are fleeing mostly for economic reasons.

We are often told they are fleeing serious crime and drug problems, including the fear of drug lords recruiting their children. Could not the same be said for many people in cities like Detroit and other poverty stricken communities? Shouldn’t our limited resources be used to help our own underprivileged citizens?

Our country welcomes close to one million legal immigrants per year. Thousands more are waiting patiently in line to come here legally. What should we say to those folks?

By the way, the people who cross our border illegally are lawbreakers, also known as criminals. The parents who subject their children to our laws are to blame, not our ICE agents, who are only enforcing U.S. laws.

Thanks to a very left-leaning media there is a great deal of emotion and nostalgia attached to illegal immigration. What little coverage there is of some truly brutal behavior by illegal immigrants is often glossed over or buried in the news.

The writer spoke often of statistics. We should also check the stats of the vast amounts of money we spend on foreign aid, often to countries that show little respect to us.

In short, we are probably the most generous nation on earth. Our laws and sovereignty must be honored.

Dave Hooper
Hemlock Rd.,Cedar

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