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Northport Plein Air Paintout Event scheduled

Saturday and Sunday will mark the second year of hosting
the Northport Plein Air Painting Event at the new
Village Arts Building in Northport. Forty artists
from near and far will paint the Village and
surrounding countryside culminating in a display
and sale of their works in the spacious gallery of
the new building.

The fledgling Northport Arts Association
became a true arts endeavor when it was
blessed with a home of it’s own through the
generosity of Bill and Nina Collins of Northport.
At the completion of the building, the
association’s membership grew quickly from 18
to over 200. Creative people seemed to be
coming out of the woodwork so to speak…who

Nina Collins, an artist in her own right and art
lover of long standing, saw the advantages of
providing a place where folks could gather in
celebration of their creative spirit, to enjoy the
higher human potential in what seems to be an
increasingly divided world.

The Plein Air Event has attracted some of the
most accomplished painters around and the
unveiling of their masterpieces at the Wet Paint
Sale and Awards ceremony is met with much
anticipation and enthusiasm from local patrons.

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