2018-07-26 / Letters

Linking rifle assn. money with Russian influence

To the editor:

According to OpenSecrets.org, our Congressman, Jack Bergman received $4,950 from the National Rifle Association during the 2016 election cycle and has received $1,500 so far in the 2018 election cycle. In 2016, 101 of the 241 Republicans elected to the House of Representatives took money from the NRA and only 21 of those took more than Jack Bergman.

No big deal, you might say. But, according to McClatchy News, the FBI is investigating whether the NRA received several million in contributions from Alexander Torshin, a wealthy Russian politician who was then the director of the Russian Central Bank. Mr. Torshin’s associate, Maria Butina was recently arrested as an unregistered foreign agent for attempting to infiltrate groups such as the NRA on behalf of the Russian government. Both Mr. Torshin and Ms. Butina claim to be life-long members of the NRA.

It is fair to question whether any of the funds provided to the NRA by these Russians were then used to make political contributions to American politicians. I am asking Congressman Bergman to return the NRA money until it can be shown that no Russian funds were passed through to his campaign.

Jay S. Johnson
Jonathon Ct., Empire

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