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Actual maintenance needs vs. maintaining voting blocks

Congress, did you hear Empire Village’s request?

We can answer that. Congress — actually, all of Washington — has been busy investigating this and that, fighting its own factions and in general too worried about maintaining a base block of voters in each district to think much about long-range goals.

A nonprofit that supports national park issues sought and received backing from the Empire Village Council for a resolution asking Congress to fund “deferred maintenance needs” of America’s national parks. The vote was 6-1 with only trustee Sue Carpenter opposed.

The simple message that the federal government needs to maintain its own property was complicated because the organization making the request was, in essence, lobbying.

Carpenter said she supports the National Park Service, but questioned the role of the village in lobbying the federal government for more money from taxpayers.

The premise that Americans already pay plenty in taxes resonates with us — and perhaps speaks to the crux of our federal government’s money woes.

There are lots of outstretched hands to fill. America manages to fund a multitude of questionable programs from constituent handouts to needless studies. Too often the goal is to keep political bases happy and voting.

Congress, if you can’t find more money for parks, we will understand — just as long as you stay busy balancing the federal budget.

So far, that’s not been the case.

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