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Justify this!

To the editor:

Machiavellian unaccountables, aka unethical people whose oath of office “pledged” they’d “preserve, protect and defend America’s Constitution” but instead lied, spied, broke laws, abused power or obstructed justice… roaming around virtually unscathed thereby falsely implying they’re innocent of obvious culpable deeds, arrogantly enjoying their unequal justice!

Obama appointees deceived Congress, silenced the FBI’s Russian bribery investigation, deceptively sold 20% of America’s irreplaceable uranium to Russia, coincidently after Hillary’s $145 million foundation “enrichment.”

Where’s Hillary’s security clearance? Hillary destroyed “subpoenaed” evidence aka Hillary’s illegal server. Hillary’s “exonerated” before her FBI interrogation. Hillary’s complicit associates received pre- testimony “immunity.” After lying to everyone’s face, Hillary condescendingly labels opponents “un- American, irredeemable, raciest, deplorables.” Harvard honored Hillary’s “transformative impact on society” …like habitually lying, dodging multiple felonies, bankrolling opponents fictitious Russian dossiers, thereby inspiring America’s impressionable youth?

“No bans, no walls, sanctuary for all.” Open the floodgates, they’ll come alongside terrorists, MS-13’s gangsters and drug cartels. 50 thousand known illegal crossings monthly. 2018’s invading families increased 435%. Asylum seekers increased 1,700% in 10 years. Unaccompanied children increased 325%, the overwhelming majority sent with traffickers or smugglers. Taxpayers annual “unaccompanied child’s” cost, $17,613, somewhat explaining America’s $21 trillion escalating debt.

Illegal “Sanctuary Cities,” unlawfully subsidizing illegals, unlawfully registering illegals to vote, because Constitution supporting Americans are deplorable but illegals are obedient Democrat voting dreamers.

January 2014, Obama’s DHS, preparing for 65 thousand unaccompanied children. Posted at FedBizOpps.gov: “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children. V-Transportation/ Travel/ Relocation.” DHS fortunetellers or Obama’s DHS collaborating with open border anarchists?

Obama’s dictatorial “pen and phone” circumvented Congress, invented and implemented unconstitutional DACA, which Obama expanded in 2014, favoring 1.7 million “illegal children” under 31.

Obama secretly and unconstitutionally sent $1.3 billion in cash on airplanes to Iran, favoring Iranian’s chanting “death to America.”

Godspeed America!
Mary L Bowen
PO Box 116

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Note : FedBizOpps.gov doesn't

This rant is just incredible.

This rant is just incredible. Seriously, ma'am, find something else to obsess over. Or at least watch something besides Fox news and do some reading. Learn a few facts. Also, you could try narrowing your focus and present a bit of evidence on the charges you level here. Like sanctuary cities registering illegals to vote. Where do you get this stuff? You might also try finding out what happened to your ability to empathize. The people you call "illegal children" were brought here by their parents and don't know any other country as home. You might try just the tiniest little bit of Christian charity.

The misinformation here is

The misinformation here is astounding. The U.S. never sold uranium to Russia, part of the stock of a mining company was sold, NOT the product. Where does she dream up all her lies?