2018-08-02 / Letters

Port Oneida group’s name left out of coverage

To the Editor:

I enjoyed the article in last week’s Enterprise about Explore Historic Leelanau (formerly known as the Leelanau Peninsula History Network). Your reporter wrote that 15 organizations came together to offer “Explore Historic Leelanau: A Self Guided History Tour” and named 14. That’s great; these organizations deserve recognition.

However one group’s name was overlooked. The Port Oneida Community Alliance (POCA) is a nonprofit organization with a particular interest in the preservation and adaptive re-use of the William Kelderhouse farm and the Port Oneida Schoolhouse. POCA has been part of the Leelanau Peninsula History Network from its beginning; we are proud to be part of their important work.

Andrew White
E. 10th St.
Traverse City

Editor’s note: Thanks for bringing the oversight to our attention. We’ve been a fan of the work of POCA in Port Oneida, and did not intend to leave the organization out. Our apologies.

— Alan Campbell

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