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Letter writer made up facts; ‘blatantly false’

To the editor:

Re: Letter to the Editor titled “Justify this!”

I am pleased to read that your policy is to “withhold or edit letters whose content is questionable or cannot be substantiated.” I only wish that you would actually exercise this policy.

It was disgraceful for the Enterprise to publish the above referenced letter. It was nothing more than a diatribe of completely spurious statements seemingly motivated by unhinged vitriol.

Writers to the editor are entitled to their opinions but not entitled to make up their own facts.

Its an abuse of its function for the Enterprise to promulgate such blatantly false and slanderous statements as those contained in that letter. The Enterprise needs to exercise its publishing privilege much more responsibly.

Daniel Biber
N. Twin Pines Drive.
Lake Leelanau

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AMEN! Some of the letters

AMEN! Some of the letters published by the Enterprise are disgraceful.