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In G-A, sign lights up complaints

Is sign a bit too loud?
By Amy Hubbell
Of The Enterprise staff

THIS NEW sign installed at the Glen Arbor Township Hall has been criticized for not fitting in with the character of the community. THIS NEW sign installed at the Glen Arbor Township Hall has been criticized for not fitting in with the character of the community. A sign installed last month at the Glen Arbor Township Hall has become a source of concern for township residents who feel it doesn’t fit with the character of the community.

Some are circulating a petition seeking its removal.

“It’s totally inappropriate,” said longtime summer — and now year-round — resident Jeanine Dean. “We’re an old town. We should try to keep that kind of look.

“Charm is what we have … It’s not charming.”

A call for comment to supervisor Peter Van Nort was not returned as of press time Wednesday.

Based on limited access to Township Board minutes via the township’s website, the discussion at public meetings about installing a sign with a LED, moving message board dates back to November, 2017. That’s about when, according to minutes, that three contractors were contacted about the purchase of a sign for the township hall.

Cost of the 3- by 8-foot sign was estimated at between $20,000 and $30,000.

The electronic sign replaces a mobile sign that was updated by hand with community announcements for special events — such as the holiday marketplace or pancake breakfasts— were posted.

The sign was stored when not in use.

In December, a motion to purchase a sign with a limit of $26,000 was approved with a request that community groups seeking to post a message on the rolling screen be asked to contribute toward the purchase.

No minutes for January through July 2018 are posted on the township website.

However, May board minutes requested this week indicate a down-payment had been made to D & D Signs in Traverse City.

Draft minutes from the board’s June meeting mention a mid-July installation, which occurred.

It didn’t take long before the sign became a topic of conversation.

“I hadn’t noticed it. But I was playing bridge with eight other people who were talking about how awful it was,” Dean said. “Then I saw it.”

It has also been the butt of jokes in social media. One Facebook contributor wrote:

“If you thought the new digital sign at the township hall was high tech for Glen Arbor, wait until you see the new automated deer across from the new Glen Arbor sign as you arrive to town.”

Petitions are being circulated in the community seeking removal of the sign. In addition, those opposed to the sign have asked that the issue be placed on the agenda for Tuesday’s monthly Township Board meeting.

Dean, 88, has been coming to Glen Arbor since age 10 and became a permanent resident 36 years ago.

“I love it here. It’s where God put me,” she said. “I’m passionate about it. I want it taken down and will rally as many people as I can to see that it gets done.

“It’s totally inappropriately for our village.”

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First they allow a big and

First they allow a big and obnoxious pole barn (a 4,000+ square foot warehouse next to my house) and now a big and obnoxious sign smack dab in the middle of town. What in the world is happening to beautiful Glen Arbor? Please show up and voice your opinion. Maybe the first appropriate message might be "Welcome to Glen Arbor, home of the Residential Warehouse District"

All landownwers in Glen Arbor

All landownwers in Glen Arbor Township are encouraged to attend the Township Meeting on TUESDAY - AUGUST 21 @ 7:00 to express their concerns for the sign.

I was so relieved recently

I was so relieved recently when the Northport council did not approve of a similar type of sign that was proposed for the entry of the village. I'm sorry that the Glen Arbor board didn't have the same ability to resist such so-called improvements. Good luck to the G-A residents seeking to reverse the board's decision.



This sign does not enhance

This sign does not enhance the village or play to the strengths of Glen Arbor. It also sets a clear precedence that ANY business or property owner in town can install a similar signage system. This may work well in TC or Acme but is inappropriate in G.A. Certainly, there is an aftermarket for the sign. Let's see if somebody would buy it and find it a new home. Cut our losses, replace the sign with something appropriate and tasteful, and move on.



I fully agree that the sign

I fully agree that the sign is an eyesore and not at all representative of the spirit of the community. It should come down!

I agree!

I agree!