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Republicans have no moderates; cut funds to children, poor

To the editor:

In the Aug. 9 Enterprise, a writer who criticized my letter about what so called “conservatives” have stood for over the years tried to put words in my mouth. He said that by “conservatives” I “undoubtedly meant Republicans.” Wrong. There used to be moderates and even liberals in the Republican Party, before the far right drove them out. Republicans who voted for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Civil Rights Act, etc., would probably not be welcome in today’s GOP. In fact, Ronald Reagan couldn’t get elected dog catcher in a Republican town today, because he granted amnesty to undocumented immigrants and favored gun control. The current GOP can’t attack liberals and still try to claim liberal Republicans as their party’s heritage.

Conversely there once were Southern conservatives in the Democratic Party. Most left the party because of LBJ’s push for racial equality, and became Republicans.

The writer also says the real objective of gun control is the confiscation of all guns. Wrong again. A majority of gun owners favor universal background checks. I doubt they want their own guns confiscated. And he says the left “actually likes school shootings.” That’s a shameful lie.

Lastly, the writer points out that the wealthy pay most of the federal income tax. That’s a reflection of America’s extreme economic inequality. So how does the GOP address this issue? Instead of helping those at the lower rungs of the economic ladder they cut taxes for the rich, making them even richer, and then try to pay for the loss of revenue by cutting services to children, the poor, and the elderly. Today’s Republican party likes to talk about pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, but consistently votes to take away peoples’ bootstraps, and is not on the side of working families.

Tom Gutowski
S. Lakeview Rd.
Elmwood Township

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It is well documented that

It is well documented that the wealthy pay little to no federal income taxes. And Trump has taken away our personal exemption on the federal income tax. We will pay even more now.