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Samaritan’s Closet fun to visit - stop for a treasure

To the editor:

Going north or south through Lake Leelanau, one is often on a mission and passes by one of the counties blessings. “Samaritans Closet” serves our area by welcoming our donations with open arms and “Thanks!” over and over again. It also provides a place to browse and find items we need like some extra beach chairs, dishes, books or precious glassware.

My family and I were so thankful there was a place to take our parents’ belongings as we prepared for their house to be sold. Some of the items were still difficult to part with but I told myself, they were off to another home to be enjoyed. The staff always had a smile, arms to help unload and a hug for me as I let go of ‘things’ but not memories.

This is a non profit organization that really relies on your donations and purchases. Net proceeds from the sale of the items are allocated to Leelanau Christian Neighbors. Neighborhood Assistance Ministries and other programs that support Leelanau County families facing crises. It’s a fun place to visit. Books to lamps to clothes to even an antique love seat...items come and go daily. Take a moment to stop and perhaps find your treasure or just meet some really great people.

Samaritans Closet is located at 25 S. Lake Leelanau Dr., Lake Leelanau, MI open Mon-Friday 10-4 and Sat 10-2.

Karla Weckwert
Hidden Meadows Dr.
Walled Lake

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