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Looking Back...

5 YEARS AGO August 22, 2013

Owners of the former “Silvertree Deli” building that anchors a block in downtown Suttons Bay have unveiled plans to create a “boutique hotel,” and are asking the village for permission to add a third story to the building. Property owners Steve Kozelko and Pam Leonard, who own and operate the Vineyard Inn in Suttons Bay Township just north of the village as well as other businesses, appeared at the regular monthly meeting of the Suttons Bay Village Planning Commission with their request last week.

* * *

Sheriff Mike Borkovich said he has a lot of faith in today’s young people. And that faith was confirmed last week when four young men who were camping at the Leelanau School as part of the 44th Parallel Cross Country Camps jumped into Lake Michigan in an unsuccessful attempt to save a drowning man.

* * *

A Leelanau County wildlife artist has reached the pinnacle of his trade in the state of Michigan. Acrylic paintings by Chris Smith have been selected as the Ducks Unlimited Michigan Print of the Year, and as the Michigan Duck Stamp. Smith, an unassuming artist who got his start as a kid illustrating outdoor magazines, has not been on a mission to expose his accomplishments.

10 YEARS AGO August 21, 2008

Barb VonVoitlander had a “champagne moment” this week. The Northport Village Council trustee also serves on the Northport/Leelanau Township Utility Authority, which voted unanimously Tuesday to allow residents in the Northport/Leelanau Township sewer assessment district to begin connecting to the municipal sewer. “If I had a bottle of champagne I’d pop the cork,” said VonVoitlander, whose support for establishing the system dates back years.

* * *

Arrested for driving drunk in a golf cart? It might be slightly funny – if it didn’t happen on a county road, didn’t involve a six-year-old passenger, and wasn’t the driver’s third offense.

A 58-year-old Solon Township man is expected to be arraigned in 86th District Court on Friday for driving a golf cart while drunk on Perrins Landing Drive near his home.

* * *

The Empire Bluffs scenic lookout won’t be the same for many people now that a popular tree limb that formed into a pitch fork has fallen over. Sometime in the afternoon of Aug. 12 the long-dead limb, which has been immortalized by photographers and painters for decades, fell the last few feet it had to go to reach the ground. For Empire artist Mary Shary, the picturesque tree limb taking its final plunge was not a huge shock.

35 YEARS AGO August 25, 1983

Some 205 acres of southern Elmwood Township will remain in the township after the State Supreme Court lat last week declined to hear an appeal in a 4-year annexation case involving the State Boundary Commission and Traverse City. A decision by the Boundary Commission in September, 1979, to annex the land to Traverse City was appealed by Elmwood Township in 1979.

* * *

The Leelanau County Landfill will be shut down for good on Sept. 30. That was the unanimous decision of a 2-members-short County Board of Commissioners Tuesday night in a 25-minute special meeting. Closure will leave Glen Noonan with a monopoly on landfill services for Leelanau, Grand Traverse and northern Benzie counties.

* * *

In the span of six short minutes, the County Road Commission’s ongoing dispute over the right-of-way of Horn Rd. in Leland Township turned to talk of a lawsuit at Tuesday’s rescheduled regular meeting. Road Commission attorney James R. Williams that the commission will file suit against his clients–Horace and Barbara Abbott– unless they remove cement blocks and other monuments near the road right-of-way.

60 YEARS AGO August 28, 1958

James Dorsey, 33, who earlier had received the federal appointment as postmaster at Empire, was sworn in Saturday by Postal Inspector R.A. Wedauer of Traverse City. He succeeds Mrs. Alicia Roen, who had resigned June 30, 1957 because of illness. Mrs. Chester Sailsbury had served from August, 1957 until the new appointment became effective.

* * *

Motorists are reminded that under terms of a new state law, which becomes effective in September, cars must halt when approaching a stopped school bust from either front or rear. The law previously had required motorists to stop only when approaching a halted bus from the rear.

* * *

The Leelanau County Chapter of the National Fundation for Infantile Paralysis has used up all available local polio-fighting funds and has had to turn to national headquarters for help. This was revealed today by William Bonek, Chapter Chairman, when he announced the receipt of a check for $2,600 from the national headquarters of the March of Dimes organization.

135 YEARS AGO August 16, 1883

A series of petty larcenies have been committed in Empire recently, with the raids including barnyard hen-roosts and sheep-folds.

* * *

The weather, so far, has been all but the most fastidious could wish.

* * *

The house of Sheriff Bryant was made glad last Thursday by the birth of a baby girl.

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