2018-08-23 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority

Village of Northport

Marjorie A. Roslund Trust (Raymond C. Amin) Construct residential addition/alteration – add bathroom, new dining room, crawlspace, main floor and deck alteration at 602 N. Mill street ($16,640).

Johne Jr. Heitler and Lynn M. Ryan (Simplified Home Improvement LLC) Construct residential unfinished detached garage, main floor, second floor with outside stair at 110 S. Bay Street ($24,800).

Centerville Township

Tanelle J. Budd (Newme Corporation) Construct new manufactured single family dwelling with unfinished basement and main floor at 5494 E. Hidden Beach Trail ($101,400).

Lisa M. Strbik (Ronald H. Tandy) Construct residential covered porch, wood frame on three piers at 6833 S. Glazier Beach Drive ($2,880).

Elmwood Township

Stephen G. and Sally Miklos (Greg S. Sayles) Remove and replace shingles to single family dwelling at 12041 S. Elm Run ($7,600).

Empire Township

Alan H. and Cynthia Kendall (Pere Marquette Builders LLC) Construct residential premanufactured modular home, one story, main floor, unfinished basement and covered porch at 4323 W. Beeman Road ($134,980).

Donna C. Barker Trust (Cooley Contracting LLC) Construct single family dwelling, two story wood frame with crawl space, main and second floors, covered porch and attached unfinished garage at 4678 W. Olive Street ($353,120).

Glen Arbor Township

Beth W. Wierenga (Habegger Construction LLC) Construct residential Dormer Addition above garage at 6685 S. Dune Highway ($5,400).

Leelanau Township

Gerald D. Levine and Sarah Pokempner (Maple Hill Builders LLC) Construct single family dwelling, two story, masonry, unfinished and finished basement, main floor, screened porch and decks at 14990 E. Acadia Woods Road ($162,000).

Clifford S. and Roberta T. Hale TRT (Matthew A. Krantz) Construct residential detached unfinished/ unconditioned garden shed on piers at 10005 N. Old Farm Road ($5,600).

Solon Township

John W. and Julie A. Leahy (Self) Construct residential post frame storage building with unfinished interior at 4422 E. Rudolph Road ($24,480).

Summary of Building Permits

Value of Permits during last week: $838,900
Total Value of 2018 Permits through August 16, 2018:
As of August 17, 2017: $32,662,773
As of August 18, 2016: $31,736,286
As of August 22, 2013: $23,047,543
No. of Permits for August 10, 2018 to August 16, 2018: 11
Total number of permits for 2018: 448
As of August 17, 2017: 424
As of August 18, 2016: 293
As of August 22, 2013: 246
No. of 2018 new housing permits through August 17, 2018: 105
No. of 2017 new housing permits through August 17, 2017: 86
Total value of new housing permits for 2018: $25,218,193
Total value of new housing permits for 2017: $19,178,192

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