2018-08-23 / Letters

Perfect time to push socialism as capitalism shines

To the editor:

America’s economy is thriving. Unemployment is at record lows and the markets are breaking records. Timing for the Democrats to push toward socialism is perfect ... for Republicans.

The new figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics pegged the black unemployment rate in May at 5.9 percent, breaking a record set just one month earlier when the rate was 6.6 percent. It’s the lowest number ever recorded since BLS began breaking down the numbers by race in the 1970s. Why is there no rejoicing from the Democrats you ask? Great question. The answer is; socialism needs needy people to grow government, not prosperous, self-reliant people. Black Americans are starting to realize that the Democrats have duped them for their votes. Trump’s approval rating among Black Americans (36%) has doubled since he was elected.

Socialistic countries like Venezuela and Cuba are drowning in poverty. It could not be a worse time to sell socialism in America, but that’s their new direction. Informed Americans and the prospering Black population won’t easily give up their money, freedom and dignity.

Socialism takes away incentives to prosper. Democrats want to be controlled by our oft-inept government, vis-à-vis under Obama, with growing welfare rolls, dependent minorities and increased national debt.

Ask yourself this: If socialism is so great, why do millions of impoverished people flee socialistic countries and risk their lives enduring life-threatening hardships to get to our “evil capitalist empire” when they are only 50 miles from the “workers’ paradise” of Cuba or Mexico?

Bernie Sanders’ failed viewpoint that capitalism is wrong and wealth redistribution is right has been proven wrong throughout the ages and no more so than right now. As a Republican, I hope the Democrats and Bernie stay the course.

Jim Miller
Omena Point Rd.

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