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Projects show why Leelanau is special

How about some positive notes for recent developments in two townships that may be feeling down in the dumps after coverage in last week’s Enterprise?

First, kudos to Leland Township officials for playing big roles in putting together an unlikely consortium of players needed to build a community sewer system for 33 homes on north Lake Leelanau. Trustee Terry Borden, an attorney by trade, freely gives of his legal expertise for township issues. He provided a trusting and knowledgeable voice in the process. And supervisor Susan Och showed patience in helping to move the project forward, especially when negotiations to obtain an easement for underground sewer pipes seemed to bog.

Other hands played important roles as this project was resident, not government, driven. Riparian owner Pete Taylor has provided the glue needed to keep all parties in contact. The Leelanau Conservancy participated, and will be compensated with $60,000 in exchange for use of property in the Narrows Nature Area for residential sewer treatment.

And property owner Carol Morris may be the unsung hero, providing without charge an easement free though her property to the site of the proposed treatment system.

The unpolluted water of north Lake Leelanau — as well as all who swim in her, from snails to perch — thank you.

In Glen Arbor, township property owners voted to tax themselves to pay a bond to build a world-class park. They entrusted the Township Board to spend their money wisely.

Mission accomplished.

Kudos here also go to several people and groups, especially members of the Glen Arbor Township Parks Commission let by chair Jim Fowler. Other members are Celeste Crouch, Jim Munson, Paul Walters, Rick Schanhals, Laura Wiesen and Ron Calsbeek. Kim Guilbeau serves as park manager.

The park puts tennis and pickleball at a new level while providing plenty of space for all members of families to recreate.

Such results once more offer proof positive that Leelanau is a special place for reasons that go far beyond its natural beauty.

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