2018-08-23 / Views

Safety only helped if bikes take outside lanes

We’re growing accustomed to the vertical, white pipes sticking up on each side of the M-204 bridge at the Leelanau Narrows.

And we certainly understand the safety concerns they are designed to address for walkers and bicyclists trying to cross a narrow bridge delineated by cement rails on the outside and busy traffic inside.

But safety will only be improved if cyclists as well as walkers use the reserved space. Otherwise, a safety precaution has the opposite effect.

We know this thought goes against the grain of the “equal rights to space” mantra held by bicyclists.

But bikers and drivers both need to do what they can for safety. We’ve observed many bikers opt to stay in the road. We ask them to opt for the smaller lane between the poles and the outside of the bridge.

And to the Michigan Department of Transportation, please consider putting up signs to that effect.

Seems like a simple request for safety.

What say you, bicyclists?

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