2018-08-30 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Centerville Township

Glenn Valasco – (Lake Leelanau Excavating) Place fill material in areas of wetland to create a new driveway, install 2, 12 inch diameter water equalization culverts in the driveway at 3793 S. Shore Drive ($140).

Elmwood Township

Guy and Catherine McDonald – (Basch & Sons) Excavation to build a new home and driveway, and well at 7862 Long Branch Circle ($140).

Glen Arbor Township

Dan Gordon – (SL2 Contracting LLC) Excavate for 30x30 home at 4433 N Glen Eden Drive ($140).

Mike Griffin – (Traverse Outdoor Inc.) Installation of rip rap seawall at 6815 S. Dune Highway ($90).

Eleanor Griffin – (Traverse Outdoor Inc.) Installation of rip rap seawall at 6777 S, Dune Highway ($90).

Janine Dean – (Traverse Outdoor Inc.) Installation of Coir log along shoreline stabilization at 6963 S. Dune Highway ($90).

Leelanau Township

Franklin and Barbara Lovse – (J.P. Landscape and Irrigation) Install 62x4 fieldstone rip rap sea wall using fabric and peastone for drainage, 5’ away from ordinary high water mark. Backfill up to existing lawn area using topsoil and beach sand at 13700 N. Forest Beach Shores ($140).

Ravinda and Poonam Gulati – (J.P. Landscape and Irrigation) Install 5x55’ fieldstone seawall using peastone fabric for drainage along shoreline, steps will be installed with crushed aggregated fabric under for drainage at 13714 N. Forest Beach Shores ($140).

Melissa McCarthy – (J.P. Landscape and Irrigation) Install 62’x4’ fieldstone seawall using peastone and fabric for drainage along existing eroded soil line, 5 feet back from the ordinary high water mark at 13686 N. Forest Beach Shores ($140).

Craig Zokas – (Kal Excavating) Excavation for a garage addition at 7620 N. Cove Trail ($125).

Leland Township

Robert and Ester Baldwin – (Jeff Dunklow Construction) Excavation for a foundation for porch at 5881 E. Ryans Way ($90).

Marquerite White – (Peninsula Excavating and Landscaping) Excavation for an area for storage building at 1500 N. Lake Leelanau Drive ($140).

Paul Cobb – (S&J Landscaping, Inc.) Excavate to grade and remove stumps and plant trees and shrubs and mulch at 403 N. Lake Street ($140).

Elizabeth McClinchie – (Lake Leelanau Excavating) Excavation to build a new cabin at 741 Indiana Woods Road ($140).

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