2018-08-30 / Letters

Sheriff right to be hesitant with Ironman race

To the editor:

I was pleased to read about the hesitation of the Sheriff’s Department to endorse the proposed Ironman Bike Race on our roads. The Sheriff’s Department referred to the ample nonmotorized trails that we already have in the county. The TART trail was laid out on a railroad bed and has gentle curves and a low grade. With the exception of the occasional road crossing, this trail does not have the many drive way curb cuts and road intersections that our roads have and does not need to handle slow moving farm and truck traffic.

The Sheriff’s Department already has to deal with “packs” of bike riders that do not stay on the right side of the road and ride more than two abreast. They should not have to deal with a major bike race with a myriad of safety concerns for local traffic. If Traverse City want to host another crowded festival and shutdown their marina, that is for them to decide. Their festival should not spill out onto our quiet roads and adversely affect our residents.

Ross Ard
S. West Bay Shore Dr.
Traverse City

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