2018-09-06 / Letters

Special meeting costs taxpayers and was unnecessary

To the editor:

It appears to me that the taxpayers of the village of Empire will be paying a price because of seemingly reckless and assumptive behaviors by some of the Empire village council members.

Most recently the personnel committee interviewed a candidate for the position of village clerk whom they felt would be suitable for the vacancy created by the firing of the former clerk. At the recent August 28 meeting of the Empire Village Council there was an agenda item under “Committee Reports – Personnel – Clerk position.” What should have been an intention for general discussion turned out to be an assumption that an immediate vote on the hiring of the interviewed candidate would take place.

Councilmen Aylsworth and Frey both questioned this matter coming up for a vote as they had not been informed through their epackets nor further discussion prior to the meeting that the subject of voting was on the agenda.

Afterwards, the subject of a Professional Services Agreement (a contract) for the clerk was discussed and Councilmember Bacon said she would not vote on a matter of hiring a candidate until the PSA (contract) had been reviewed by the entire council. There was no PSA presented in the epackets for council review.

Now, a special meeting has had to be called to appropriately address this matter of the recommended hiring for the clerk’s position as well as the matter of the clerk’s contract. Perhaps in the grand scheme of expenses, paying council members to attend a special meeting is not exorbitant; nevertheless, it seems just one more inappropriate and careless occurrence by certain council members which eventually fall on the taxpayers of the village.

Mary Sharry

Michigan Street


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