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Another arrest in Fentanyl death

By Alan Campbell Of The Enterprise staff

SCHOCKO SCHOCKO The person believed to have played a leading role in the opiate death of a Suttons Bay man who unknowingly snorted pure Fentanyl rather than heroin into his body has been charged.

Her daughter has already pleaded guilty to selling the deadly drug to Suttons Bay resident Kevin D. Yannett.

Angela Rose Schocko of Beulah was arraigned Friday in 86th District Court. She is being held under a $750,000 bond originally set by Leelanau County Magistrate Noreen Kastys and kept in place by Probate Judge Larry Nelson.

Assistant prosecutor Tristan Chamberlain said the arraignment resulted from an investigation that began following the Nov. 22, 2017, death of 31-year-old Yannett.

“At this time we believe this person is the last person to be charged in that death,” Chamberlain said. “Something else may shake out, but I don’t anticipate anyone else will be charged.”

ANGELA ROSE Schocko told Leelanau County Probate Judge Larry Nelson that she plans to hire her own attorney. She was video-arraigned from the Leelanau County Jail on Friday morning. ANGELA ROSE Schocko told Leelanau County Probate Judge Larry Nelson that she plans to hire her own attorney. She was video-arraigned from the Leelanau County Jail on Friday morning. Schocko was arraigned on three felony charges including “delivery of a controlled substance causing death,” which has a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

She was also charged with “conducting a criminal enterprise,” a 20-year felony, following an investigation led by Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Police Detective Del Moore.

According to the felony complaint, Moore “discovered multiple deliveries of controlled substances by defendant Angelo Schocko. These deliveries were for monetary gain and the enterprise was conducted as a sole proprietor business...”

In particular, Schocko is accused of selling drugs on Nov. 18 and 22, 2017, that caused the death of Yannett.

Also originally charged with “delivery of a controlled substance death” were Erin Shaunea Grant of Suttons Bay — Schocko’s daughter — and Preston Weaver of Milwaukee.

Both pleaded guilty in a plea arrangement to reduced felonies in early May:

 Grant pleaded guilty to delivery of a Schedule 2 controlled substance, and was sentenced to 12 months in jail and ordered to pay $5,548 in fines and costs. She was credited for 159 days served.

 Weaver pleaded guilty to delivery of a Schedule 2 controlled substance and tampering with evidence. He was sentenced to two years on the delivery charge and six months on the tampering charge. The sentences are being served consecutively, with credit given for 159 days served.

Yannett’s death, believed to be the first heroin overdose to take a life in county history, sent shock waves through the Leelanau Peninsula, Chamberlain said.

“There’s always these activities that are behind the scenes, and we know about some of them. But when a death like this occurs it definitely shocks the community. I guess we feel insulated compared to downstate,” he said.

After Yannett’s death the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners appointed an opiate task force that is working closely with local school districts to try to combat a problem that has also gained nationwide attention.

Leelanau County Prosecutor Joseph T. Hubbell said after the convictions of Grant and Weaver that the investigation was continuing to find the dealer behind the sales.

Fentanyl is used to sedate large animals. The drug has become popular among opiate users who say mixing it with heroin creates a better “high.” Law enforcement personal believe Yannett had no idea he was consuming pure Fentanyl.

Chamberlain credited a number of agencies for the investigation into Schocko’s role in Yannett’s death and other drug sales in the area.

Moore’s work stood out, he continued.

“Del Moore has done an immense amount of work on this, and also the Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office. They were the ones that started this case, that got this going. Then the Tribe and Det. Moore had the ability to find more of the Tribal players who were the witnesses,” Chamberlain said.

County Sheriff Mike Borkovich said the investigation was intense.

“Somebody died. We knew there was drug trafficking going on, and she’s been on our radar. We teamed up with our resources, and she’s in custody now.

“The message to the community is to stop and think before you engage in this type of drug activity.”

Schocko was video-arraigned from her cell in the Leelanau County Jail on Friday morning. When Judge Nelson asked if she needed a court-appointed lawyer, she replied, “I plan to hire my own attorney.”

She requested that bond be lowered.

“Given the sencerity of the charges, I will leave the $750,000 cash surety in place,” Nelson ruled.

The arraignment lasted only a couple minutes.

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