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Breathe in signs of fall

How do you know summer is over? In Leelanau County, you don’t need a calendar. Just observe the clues of autumn:

• Roadside farm stands switch from cherries to apples, with tomatoes serving as a bridge for locally grown goodies.

• Candidates stop marching in parades and eating chicken at church festivals, and end up at your front door.

• The last of the little white pipes placed on the M-204 bridge in Lake Leelanau has been broken off and lies dead in the road.

• Workers can find long-term housing, which in Leelanau amounts to about eight months.

• Road repairs end. Now you have two lanes without traffic as compared to one lane clogged with vehicles.

• Woodsmoke comes from chimneys rather than bonfires.

It’s time to breathe in fall.

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