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Looking Back...

5 YEARS AGO October 10, 2013

Chemicals that could be used in the production of Sarin gas were removed Friday from a home in Suttons Bay Village as part of an FBI raid that included nearly 60 agents. As part of a federal operation to shut down the potential creation and detonation of a weapon or weapons of mass destruction, Leelanau County Sheriff Mike Borkovich reports that explosives were removed from the same house. They were taken to a remote location in Leelanau County and detonated.

* * *

The would-be owner of Sugar Loaf Resort, Eneliko “Liko” Sean Smith, has apparently lost the support of a key financial backer and is quickly becoming a subject of derision, suspicion and ridicule in online social media. Meanwhile, the Sugar Loaf Townhouse Owners Association is continuing to press county officials to obtain a warrant for a Construction Code Authority inspection of the interior of the long-shuttered ski resort, and move forward with a legal process that could lead to its demolition.

* * *

Anya Kogan, of Empire, attached a tiny American flag to a ‘closed’ sign on a barricade across the drive to the Dune Climb before going around it to savor a warm fall evening at one of her favorite places. She was carrying her guitar and was hoping to get a glimpse of a meteor shower while playing atop the sandy expanse. A part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the Dune Climb was closed last Tuesday, Oct. 1, along with national parks across the country due to the government shutdown.

10 YEARS AGO October 9, 2008

For artist Kate Fiebing, sewing is second nature. “I’ve always enjoyed sewing. I find it relaxing and creative,” she said. Fiebing of Suttons Bay will be the featured artist in the eighth annual Fiber Festival being held in the Old Art Building Friday and Saturday, part of a deep lineup of weekend events signaling that fall is peaking in Leelanau County.

* * *

Called the “Pumpkin Bumpkin” or “Lord of the Gourd,” Maple City area resident Patrick Harrison is known for his pumpkin carving prowess. He’s in high demand this time of year. “It really just started by accident,” said Harrison, who lives in an underground home on Trumbull Road. “My family owned the Best Western in Traverse City, and my mother and I tried to outdo everyone else on Halloween.”

* * *

Incumbent county commissioners and county board candidates all seem to agree: one of the first and most important tasks a newly-seated county board will undertake in January 2009 will be the selection of a new county administrator. County administrator David W. Gill announced last month that he will retire effective Dec. 31 after seven years on the job.

35 YEARS AGO October 13, 1983

Federal inspectors have determined that a proposed bingo facility in Pesawbestown would not have an adverse effect on the environment, and construction of the facility could begin this month and be completed before June, tribal officials said Friday. A $166,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development was received with another $250,000- $300,000 from private investors.

* * *

Leelanau County, the County Road Commission and several local governments paid $20,967 to Traverse City radio engineer Gene Stephenson for work on the increasingly complex county fire, rescue and police radio dispatch system. Undersheriff David W. Gill gave the County Board of Commissioners Tuesday a unique solution to cutting those bills by hiring Stephenson.

* * *

Federal officials have held up an estimated $6,000 in revenue sharing for Cleveland Township pending written notification that the township intends to comply with federal guidelines for fund usage. Township Board members said at their regular meeting Tuesday night that a certified letter of compliance was sent to the Public Participation Compliance Branch last month, but was never received.

60 YEARS AGO October 16, 1958

Dredging of Leland’s outer harbor, by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is scheduled to begin next week, according to Congressman Robert P. Griffin. The bucket dredge Tompkins is expected to arrive in Leland about October 23 to begin the $14,000 project. The 40 by 400 foot channel, which extends from the harbor entrance to the mouth of the river is to be deepened to six feet.

* * *

Construction of a 570 foot dock in Northport harbor, to be completed in the summer of 1959, has been assured by action of the Michigan Waterways Commission, George Anderson chairman of the village’s Harbor Development Committee announced today. Word was received by Anderson late last Wednesday that the commission, meeting in Detroit, had approved the $21,754 grant.

* * *

The explosion which shook houses and rattled windows all the way from Traverse City to as far north as Leland at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday is believed, by state police, to have been a jet plane breaking the sound barrier. Police learned from the Empire Air Station that a number of jets were overheard at that time and that it is possible one of them cracked the barrier.

120 YEARS AGO October 6, 1898

The Enterprise is informed that they are being circulated in some, if not all of the townships of the county, petitions asking the supervisors to submit the questions of moving the county seat to Suttons Bay, to the people to vote upon at the next election. The real questions is, would the county as a whole be benefited? A single look at the map shows that Leland is the better and more convenient place for seven of the 11 townships ... There has long been a feeling that the Northern and Eastern towns of the county controlled the politics of the county; and, if those Eastern towns should now attempt to move the county seat … there would certainly be grounds for this accusation.

* * *

Advertisement: Rye wanted. I want to buy 5,000 bushels of good, clean rye at once, and will pay the highest market for the same. David Sieber, Suttons Bay.

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