2018-10-11 / Letters

SugarLoaf plus for Soutas-Little

To the editor:

In many ways it’s too bad that the County Commission race is partisan. Party labels can get in the way of the issues. Fortunately, 5th District voters from both sides of the aisle have recognized how extremely committed and effective Patricia Soutas-Little has been as a Commissioner. She has brought a strong science education an impressive business resume’ and a commitment to cost effective government action to our County government. As a commissioner she has been a practical voice for progress that has championed everything from Countywide Internet access, Healthy Aging for seniors, sensible Permitting Regulations for the building industry, issues of workforce and young family housing impacting our businesses and aiding the new owner in the redevelopment of Sugarloaf. Many of those efforts have come to a successful conclusion but issues such as County wide internet and the successful development of Sugarloaf still need her support and leadership. I urge 5th District voters to re-elect Patricia-Soutas Little.

David Hunter

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