2018-10-11 / Life in Leelanau

Talk of the County

Having a conversation with Eddie Pleva

EDDIE PLEVA’S favorite place in Leelanau County is Miller Hill. EDDIE PLEVA’S favorite place in Leelanau County is Miller Hill. Name: Eddie Pleva

Town: Kasson Township

Resident of county since: 2001

Age and birthplace: 19, Warren, Mich.

Occupation: Full time student at Northwestern Michigan College, Part time worker at Pleva’s Meats.

Marital Status: Single

You live in Leelanau County because: “My parents moved here 17 years ago, it’s a beautiful place, I don’t know if I could move away.”

Last good movie you saw: “Tag. It’s an interesting movie about friends playing tag their whole life.”

Last good book you read: “I don’t read a lot, but I read Touching Spirit Bear years ago and like that.”

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would that be? “Someone younger. To be a kid again with no worries, that would be nice.”

Things important to you that you have accomplished so far: “Eagle Scout Achievement, Graduated High School.”

What you hope to be doing in 10 years: “To be done with college and be in a promising career.”

Things you lose sleep over: “I try to keep stress free. I typically sleep very well.”

If you could change one thing in Leelanau County, it would be: “I would have Sugarloaf open back up, to help local businesses by bringing in more money to the county.”

Favorite dessert: Moomer’s Ice Cream. “I love all their flavors, but usually get strawberry.”

Favorite place in Leelanau County: “On top of Miller Hill in Glen Arbor. It’s a beautiful area.”

If you have more time you would: “Drive around the county more to tour more of the places locally. And just driving too!”

The words that best describe you are: Outgoing, Social, Hardworking.

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