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Celebrate! A week for newspapers, journalism

Journalism matters now more than ever.

That’s the theme this year for National Newspaper Week, which we’re celebrating.

Yes, celebrating. Because newspapers are more than paper and ink.

Newspapers are thoughts.

They’re life - and, at times, death.

They’re reflections of the places they serve.

Where would we be without newspapers? Of course, the Enterprise staff would be without a job.

And no other source for information is equipped to fill in.

We mean no offense to other local media, but radio stations have very small staffs and television reporters are spread across the mitten.

They in no way could tell you the vote on medical marijuana taken by your township board. They spread too thin to snap photos at all the festivals hosted by Leelanau County.

They can’t tell you that your neighbor was arrested for drugs.

And no offense toward Facebook, but you need an editor. The fallacy of the Internet has been the presumption that having more information will allow people to make better guided decision. Instead, people are overwhelmed with information to the point that many are tuning out.

They don’t have time to vet all that ... stuff.

That’s the job of newspapers.

“Newspapers to me are more important than ever at this time,” said John Elchert, publisher of the Enterprise, when asked to comment on National Newspaper Week. “Quality journalism informs and unites people, and both are needed for communities to work effectively.”

Readers and business owners, thank you for your year-round support. Continue to let us know how the Enterprise can get better, and tell us when we get things right.

Happy newspaper week.

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