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Life is cheap for three drug dealers

The family business was on display last week in a Leelanau County courtroom. The scene was surreal.

Perhaps that was predictable, as a key witness testified against her mother. Her former boyfriend had testified earlier.

Their relationships revolved around drugs, so some foggy memories and scripted testimony were expected.

But Angelo Schocko, Erin Grant and Preston Weaver far surpassed those low expectations. What unfolded before Circuit Court judge Michael Stepka was a circus.

It was enlightening in one way. Most citizens have no idea how connections are made in the underworld and drugs are sold. A seat in the courtroom would have filled them in, although the stories changed from one sentence to the next.

Perhaps the most important thing we learned, though, was the value of human life to a drug dealer.


Grant and Weaver sold Fentanyl that caused near-deaths for overdoses to two men in Peshawbestown. Then a few days later they sold the same drug to unsuspecting Kevin Yannett of Suttons Bay, who was slurry-speeched and high on cocaine. He thought he was buying heroin.

For $20.

A few hours later, Mr. Yannett was dead.

Prosecutors will attempt to prove that Ms. Schocko orchestrated the drug sale. It was apparent from the testimony of Ms. Grant and Mr. Weaver that she played a role.

We still don’t know who ended up with the $20.

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