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Kavanaugh elevated based on perjury

To the editor:

I thank Ed Hahnenberg for taking umbrage with my observation that “Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony was a litany of lies and evasions …’” (quoth he quoting me). I just wish he had followed the dots instead of going off on a tangent.

I went on to say, “If you really believe he [Kavanaugh] thought ‘boofed’ meant flatulence ... then I have a bridge across the Mackinac Straits to sell you.”

So I ask my neighbor, “Do you really believe Kavanaugh meant “farted” (not “had anal”) when he addressed his query - “Have you boofed yet?” - to best pal Mark Judge, in that long-ago yearbook entry? I just want an answer. You don’t have to say “so help me God”; I won’t hold you to the Mackinac Bridge deal; I just want an answer.

To spend a few words on the tangent Hahnenberg goes off on instead, I say this. Whether “Blassey Ford teaches” at a “feminist, educational institution”; whether there’s “talk of … movie and/ or documentaries that will rake in more money [for her]”; i.e., whether she had political motives and financial incentives to testify as she did, about that long-ago sexual incident: it’s all irrelevant to the question of whether Kavanaugh lied.

He said, “so help me, God”; and then he lied, lied, lied. I know it. Mr. Hahnenberg knows it. Senator Jiminy Cricket (Lindsey Graham ) knows it. Kathleen Parker knows it.

Hence … the initial question, regarding the alleged sexual assault long-ago, becomes irrelevant. The question is whether Kavanaugh lied under oath about these appurtenant matters; about “boofed,” about how hard he drank in his hard drinking days with Mark Judge, etc.

So, as the matter stands, we have just elevated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court based on self-evident perjury. “Enough already,” (quoth I, quoting Ed) indeed!

Larry Hauser
E. Horn Rd.
Lake Leelanau

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This is the information the

This is the information the Senators read. You decide who was right and who was wrong. https://thefederalistpapers.org/opinion/christine-blasey-ford-report-rel... If you can not read the FACTS, you are walking around blind to the reality of the manipulation of the national news media and Dem's in Congress.

I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more Mr.Hauser! thank you for writing this letter.