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Life, according to Mr. Rogers

To the editor:

Thank you Tikkum Olam!

I learned this term at the Bay Theater showing of the Mr. Rogers Documentary.

The Bay Theater was packed with parents, professionals and community members who sat enraptured first by the passion and dedication of Mr Fred Rogers, and then by a panel of smart and devoted community leaders-.

Tikkum Olam refers to those individuals who serve to repair creation, to bring the world to a more harmonious state. Mr Rogers was surely a practitioner of Tikkum Olam, and are those who brought us the Fred Rogers documentary: the Northwest Chapter of the Infant Mental Health Association, the Bay Theater, the Leelanau League of Women Voters, Parenting Communities, Leelanau Children’s Center, SB Bingham District Library, Leland Township Library, Leelanau Christian Neighbors and the four panelists: Bea Cruz, Ty Schmidt, Josh Stolz, and Anne Donn.

Mr Rogers shared some pithy beliefs that feel terribly relevant today:

The most important thing is to listen

Feelings are mentionable and manageable

Love your neighbor, love yourself

The most important learning us to accept mistakes

Love is at the root of everything. Love changes everything

Always look for the people who are helping

I encourage us all to let Mr Rogers’ lessons be guideposts and check points in our efforts to grow, to build community and to achieve that which feels important.

In these tumultuous times, I am grateful to be reminded us all of the many around us who are helping. Thank you,

Maggie Sprattmoran
Lake St

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