2018-11-08 / Local News

Proposals popular in county, state

Leelanau County voters joined voters across Michigan in approving three state proposals on this week’s ballot.

A proposal to legalize possession, cultivation and commercial sales of marijuana through state-licensed retailers passed with substantial voter support in Michigan, albeit with a thinner margin of victory in Leelanau County.

In Leelanau, 7,080 voters approved the pot initiative and 6,781 opposed it, a margin of about one-percent. Elsewhere in the state, the margin of victory was in the double-digits.

Proposal 1 was believed to be one of the reasons voter turnout was strong in Michigan for a mid-term election, especially among younger voters.

Leelanau voters also went along with a majority elsewhere in Michigan in support of Proposal 2, a Constitutional Amendment to establish a citizen committee to set voting boundaries following the 2020 Census.

The “anti-gerrymandering” proposal passed by a solid margin of victory statewide, around 61 percent. In Leelanau County, 8,141 voters said “yes” to the proposal with 5,441 saying “no.” At around 60 percent, the Leelanau vote mirrored statewide results.

Leelanau voters also supported Proposal 3, a Constitutional Amendment to authorize automatic and Election Day voter registration a well as other measures to streamline the voting process.

The proposal was approved in Leelanau with 8,720 voting “yes” and 5,026 voting “no,” some 63-percent of Leelanau voters in favor. The margin of victory was similar statewide.

— by Eric Carlson

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