2018-12-06 / Letters

Slow down Ironman

To the editor:

Promoters of the Ironman race are pushing for a discussion on race routes. This is putting the cart before the horse.

The continuous nature of the Ironman will, regardless of route, necessarily close off West Bay Shore, M-72, M-22, the already bottlenecked portals to, and heavily traveled byways of, our peninsula.

Imagine frustrated vacationing families hoping to head to Sleeping Bear and back.

Our elected officials need to survey residents and hold public forums to discuss whether this race fits Leelanau County’s heavy tourist load, agricultural focus, and open access to our scenic vistas and friendly towns.

Let’s slow down, share information, and decide, as a community, “if” first before we entertain suggestions of “where.”

Christine Hauke
S. Tower Rd.
Maple City

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