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Need help with your PC? Steve Stanton can help.

Leelanau Computer Repair is your local center of excellence for PC service, repair and training, operating inside Suttons Bay RadioShack.

You can either drop off your PC at RadioShack or make arrangements for on-site service. We'll get your issues addressed and your machine back to you as quickly as possible.

Through the Leelanau County Commission on Aging, LCN can offer a 25% discount up to $50.00 once per year for services rendered to qualifying seniors.

The following is a brief list of the type services provided by Leelanau Computer Repair:

- Repair PCs that will not boot up
- Remove viruses and spyware
- Upgrade and Update Windows
- Set-up a new PC
- Add or replace hardware components
- Install wireless network components
- Resolve networking issues
- Back-up user data onto External Media
- Copy data from your Old PC to the new one
- Delete user data from your old PC
- Conduct one-on-one training
- Navigating around Windows
- Surfing and Searching the Web
- Working with Files and Folders
- Organizing your Photos
- Getting your iPod set-up with iTunes
- Sync your SmartPhone with your PC
- Use your Office Suite effectively

325 N. St. Joseph St.
Suttons Bay, MI 49682

(231) 866-0636


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