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Bay Lavender, next to Becky Thatcher Designs on Lake Street in Glen Arbor, uses only essential oils, free of manmade perfumes, mixed with honey, herbs, locally-grown spices and a few secrets to come up with the perfect bar of soap for a given person.

Naturally, women love this store, since they can dive into the lovely lavender scents but Bay Lavender also has a soap called Autumn Mist that’s just for men.

“What is Glen Arbor? It’s the water, woods and fresh, clean air,” Cookie Thatcher (owner) surmises. “That’s what I try to put in this soap, so that when people take it home with them they will be reminded of the wonderful, fresh clean scents of this place.

“The Autumn Mist, for instance, is a walk in the woods on a rainy autumn day and drinking Jasmine tea afterwards next to a fire. In my soap the lime is the rain, the balsam is the woods, the patchouli oil is the fire and the lavender is the Jasmine tea.”

Bay Lavender soaps are all handmade, and especially good for people with sensitive skin. They are the perfect northern Michigan creation because, Cookie says, Leelanau County is ideal for growing lavender. In fact, lavender and grapes prefer the same soil and climate. “Lavender is more forgiving, since the frost won’t hurt it.” Cookie gets most of her lavender from two county farms, but especially Leelanau Lavender Breezes on East Johnson Road in Northport because, she says, the couple that planted that farm both have PhDs in the field and they do everything exactly right.

Cookie also grows her own lavender in a beautiful garden right behind the shop, and she encourages folks to stop in and watch her make the soap. In this age of outsourcing and lack of identification with what the consumer buys, Cookie wants her customers to see and understand how local her products truly are.

5777 Lake Street
Glen Arbor, MI 49636

(231) 642-0829

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