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Mikesell, Thor DDS is a dentist in Suttons Bay, MI specializing in family and cosmetic dentistry. We offer a professional service with a gentle touch because your dental care needs are important to us. Our goal is to give you a more beautiful and confident smile.

408 St Joseph st
Suttons Bay, MI 49682




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Additional Information Dr. Thor Mikesell is a 1997 graduate of the University of Michigan Dental School. After two years of an associateship he began looking for a practice to buy and subsequently moved to Suttons Bay. He enjoys focusing on general dentistry with the opportunity to help patients with their cosmetic desires as well.

He is a member of the Michigan Dental Association, the American Dental Association and the Rotary club. Dr. Mikesell is active in the Boy Scouts of America as a leader. Two of his boys are eagle scouts. He also serves on a number of boards and is active in his church as a leader and volunteer. He works once a week at the Medicaid clinic in Traverse City and enjoys the opportunity to serve a different group of people.

In his free time he is a voracious reader and enjoys outdoor recreation including hiking, camping, skiing, hunting and other things. Dr. Mikesell has 5 children, all boys, who keep his wife (and him) extremely busy.

M, T, and Thur: 8:30-4:30, closed for lunch 12:30 - 1:30 Open some Wednesdays

•General and family dentistry
•Cosmetic dentistry
•Porcelain veneers
•Bridges and crowns
•Preventive care


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What is
Acids can erode the outside tooth
covering called enamel even though it
is very tough. This process is called
dental erosion.
Common sources of acids that
affect the teeth include acidic foods,
acid refl ux and vomiting.
Acidic foods can include some fruits
like lemons, soda drinks, and sport
People with acid refl ux have
stomach acids that frequently reach the
Repeated vomiting will put you at
risk for erosion for the same reason.
Some signs of erosion are pits in the
teeth on the biting surfaces and
thinning of the enamel on the tongue
side, especially on the front teeth.
When a lot of enamel is lost the
dentin is exposed which may change
how the teeth look and cause sensitivity.
Once enamel is lost, it cannot be
regrown. There are ways to stop
Avoid frequent eating or drinking of
acidic foods. Drink milk or water for
meals. Rinse your mouth with water or
milk after vomiting eating acidic foods
or drinking acidic beverages. Don’t
swish or hold acidic beverages or food
in your mouth.
Wait at least an hour after an acidic
event to brush your teeth to minimize
loss of enamel.
Chew sugar free gum which
increases saliva fl ow and buffers the
acids in the mouth.
Use a soft brush and fl uoride
toothpaste for brushing.
Talk to your dental professional if
you think that you may have erosion.
Questions? Call 271-3315
accepting new patients
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