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La Becasse has been serving French country food in its intimate dining room in Burdickville for over 30 years. We are about a 30 minute drive from Traverse City and are located near Glen Lake in between Glen Arbor, Empire and Maple City. We are a ten minute drive from the Homestead Resort. It is a gem of a place.
We have a full bar as well as an award-winning wine list. The list boasts some 200 wines, of which about 60% are French. Wines from Michigan and California are also featured. Each wine is hand selected for the list. There is a robust selection of wines for under $50.
Dinner service begins at 5:30 pm. Our schedule varies throughout the year. Check our website for our current schedule.

9001 South Dunn's Farm Rd.
Maple City, MI 49664


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9001 South Dunn’s Farm Road (231) 334-3944
Burdickville (just a stone’s throw from Glen Lake) 2-7-19
Wednesday: Two-for-one main dish special
Thursday: Burgundy or Cassoulet for two + bottle of wine for $55
(without wine, $40)
Friday: Seafood plat du jour + glass of wine for $23
Open Wednesday - Saturday from 5-9
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