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This fall, come home to Leelanau
A salmon does his dammest to  nish life’s journey in Leelanau County, as seen near the mouth of the Leland River.
Color Cover
Once again credit outdoor photographer Ken Scott for  nding the perfect perch overlooking big Glen Lake and South Manitou Island for fall color season.
Maybe it’s been a long time since your last walk under a crimson can- opy, or maybe you’ve never.
Regardless, it’s time.
Leelanau County can be out of sorts in other seasons. Too snowy in the winter, too unpredictable in the spring when you just know those cherry blossoms will come the weekend after you leave.
Summer is beautiful but just plain busy.
That leaves autumn, the prettiest season of them all, to  ll your tank with Leelanau County.
If you live here — yes, you’re
blessed — take the time to dwell in that special moment when deer  ght, salmon leap and leaves change.
When squash ripens and grapes, those gifts from the heavens, are picked and stomped.
When there are cars on the road, but not that many compared to the rewards of traveling M-22.
While all seasons are special in their own way, fall is special in the best way.
With you enjoying it.
We offer you the 2018 Leelanau Color Tour.
leelanau color tour 2018

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