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Leelanau Wine All About Fun
Friends become closer friends over a glass of wine. Shown at Laurentide Winery following a day of touring Leelanau County are, from left, Barbie Stephenson, Jennifer Scarsella, her daughter Michaela Scarsella and McKinley Sandvik. Stephenson was explaining some of the  ner points about Laurentide Bubbles, which matches well with “fun.”
No pretenses here, county labels meant for fun, friends
By Lorri Hathaway
Special to the Enterprise
So often you hear about what wines pair best with par- ticular foods.
But what about wines that stand up on their own?
Wines that scream, “Let’s have some fun!”
Wine is meant to be a part of life’s enjoyable moments, shared with family and friends. As Ernest Hemingway stat- ed, “Wine and friends are a great blend.”
Just as selecting the right wine to pair with your food can dramati- cally enhance your meal, selecting the right wine for your activity can enhance your over- all experience. You may not want the same wine on a boat on a hot sum-
mer day, for example, as you would sitting at the camp re on a cool evening.
Leelanau, of course, is a four-sea- son destination known for its out- door recreation. And, Leelanau wines are known to be fruit-forward and well-balanced, making them not only great for pairing with foods but also for enjoying them on their own along with your experience.
On the beach or boat on a warm summer day, you might like a crisp, clean white wine like Good Harbor Vineyard’s Fishtown White, named for the historic  shing village in Leland. The versatile wine is as crowd pleaser for many different palates.
In northern Michigan, we are graced with the most amazing sun- sets over Lake Michigan. They shout Rosé and, lucky for us, Leelanau Peninsula is producing myriad Rosés from dry to semi-
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