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Pair wine with occasions
Pair a county wine with your favorite event, which might be relaxing along the shoreline.
— Photo courtesy of Good Harbor Vineyards
There’s more.
“Ad Lib was born in 2012 when we had more fruit than we knew what to do with. Our winemaker suggested we throw it in a tank, add some oak and cross our  ngers. The casual red wine has been a crowd favorite ever since. It’s an easy drinking Friday night wine that you don’t have to think about.”
And it is about having fun, which spills over to wine names and bot- tles.
At Boathouse Vineyards in Lake Leelanau, wine gives you the up north hang-out-on-the-water feel with fun boating names including Seas the Day, Overboard, Anchor Red, Dry Dock Riesling, Icebreaker Sweet Riesling, Knot Too Sweet Riesling, License to Chill Pinot Noir Rosé and Northern Lights Riesling, Rock the Boat and Boathouse Red.
sweet, like Silver Leaf Winery’s Fling with a bottle that explodes with fun as a colorful grape goddess by renowned artist Stephanie Schaltter  irtingly graces the label.
“Fling is a semi-sweet rose wine with beautiful coral color bright acidity that excels on its own on a relaxing day,” shares Mark Lineau, owner of Silver Leaf Winery of
Suttons Bay, “and it’s a local favor- ite boating wine when served with frozen strawberries.”
And, there’s nothing like a north- ern Michigan camp re. Maybe this is best with a red like Blustone Vineyard’s Ad Lib, which makes for some great conversation as it is a wine with attitude. On the label, Ad Lib spills its guts, stating, “ I’m a casual red wine and, you know
what? I’m ok with that. I am sitting here nicely hoping you’ll grab me instead of that fancy smancy bottle of winemaker’s red. Even if by some miracle you do buy me I’ll probably end up forgotten on top of your fridge once you take me home. I was born in the wild, handpicked for you to savor and enjoy. I am a casual red but you may just be sur- prised.”
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