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Wine pioneer Bernie Rink, who still resides in Leelanau County, tends to a grape harvest at Boskydel Winery off Otto Road in Bingham Township.
Editor’s note: Jim Rink, whose father is wine pioneer Bernie Rink, re ects on a time of quiet autumns long before Leelanau became famous for its wines. Bernie Rink was honored as the county Chamber of Commerce Person of the Year. And Jim Rink is now editor of the American Wine Society Journal.
By Jim Rink
There’s an old Paul Simon song called “Kodachrome” that, for me, always evokes childhood memories of fall in Leelanau County:
They give us those nice bright colors,
They give us the greens of summers,
Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day. Yes, I know, the song mentions summer, but if
you can overlook that nuance and think of the nice bright colors and think of “all the world as a sunny day,” that would best describe my inno- cence at the time and my sense of wonder at the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life.
In the 1960s, the Vietnam War was in full swing (Walter Cronkite announced the casualty count on the nightly news), the Cuban missile crisis was a real deal that made North Korea pale in comparison, and the Beatles were considered “anti-establishment.”
But at the time my biggest concern was what style of moccasin to buy at the Thunderbird Gift Shop in Lake Leelanau. I  lled the building now occupied by Northern Latitude Distillery.
In those days, Labor Day marked the end of summer. All the shops closed up. The streets were quiet and all you could hear were crickets until Memorial Day weekend of the following year.
Now, there is a thriving wine industry, which I was privileged to be a part of through my father’s winery, Boskydel. The wine industry was followed by breweries, cideries, distilleries
and yes, they now even make fermented tea. And fall has become a spectacular shoulder season in Leelanau County that matches or out- paces the greens of summer, with its nice, bright
It seems the new colors of fall are red, white
and rosé, which is great for 2018.
When I go wine tasting, I’ll be wearing my
moccasins from 1967 — or what’s left of them.
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