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Re2ason to celebrate
Anniversary Exhibition
Friday-Sunday, Oct. 19-27
Northport boasts quite a slate of artistic talents
whose works will all be put on display at one weekend-long Anniversary Exhibition.
Taking place at the Village Arts Building, the exhibition will celebrate the second anniversary of the Village Arts Building as Northport’s cen- ter for art.
According to Chris Verdon, president of the Northport Arts Association (NAA) that spear- headed the project, the building has been an amazing asset widely supported by the Northport community.
“Even when people  rst heard about the pro- posal, no one was saying that it wasn’t needed,” Verdon said. “And that support has continued from the groundbreaking to today.”
The Northport Village Arts Center will again host a members exhibit, celebrating the sec- ond anniversary of the Village Arts Building. Photo: Robert Bayer
Since its completion, the art center has hosted numerous community organizations, projects, presentations and exhibits, including last year’s inaugural members exhibit.
All NAA members — who include profes- sional and leisurely artists — have been invited to showcase one or two of their own original pieces. With around 200 works featured in last year’s show, Verdon is excited to see what mem- bers bring to the table.
“It’s always new because the artists don’t bring back the same thing, which is what is so great about it,” Verdon said. “It’s better than a museum.”
Mediums will range far beyond paintings and drawings, illustrating the diversity of the mem- bers’ focuses.
“This is not all wall art,” Verdon said. “We have sculptors and wood carvers and jewelers, people who fashion things with metal and rock and even poets and writers. The NAA is just a nice organization for people who like to create all kinds of things.”
The exhibit will be open noon to 4 p.m. daily, and Thursdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., with a majority of pieces available for purchase.
Village Arts Building 2nd Anniversary Celebration Oct. 19-27
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