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Imagine Leelanau in black and white.
“and is now probably at its peak. Hardwoods from County Line road to Lighthouse Park are a riot of brilliant hues, accen- tuated by the somber green of the hemlocks and the pine.
Leelanau’s Color Tours
That’s what readers of the Leelanau Enterprise did in 1858, when television — if you were lucky enough to have one, and if you could  nd a channel — followed the same, listless design.
“It is again the season when Leelanau residents are some- what awe-struck by the beauty of their surrounds and when they could write sincerely to all their friends, “Wish you were here.”
But color was important in the county, especially in the county. And members of the Leelanau County Road Commission understood, putting out rout markers for two color tours that, according to the Enterprise, “attract thousands of visitors here to view Nature’s brightest hues.”
Slide in “text” or “email” instead of “write,” and you can see that autumn in Leelanau is nothing if not consistent.
Those markings led color tourists through a county that had largely gone undiscovered and unappreci- ated by Michigan. My how things have changed.
“Leelanau’s longest color route, designated as the ‘trip around the horn,’ begins at Greilickville and con- tinues on M-22 through Suttons Bay, Omena, Northport and down through Leland and Glen Arbor to Empire.
“The second tour also begins at Greilickville, but takes a course west along M-72 and then follows Route 616 through Cedar, Maple Cit and Burdickville to join Tour One at the Glen Lake Narrows.”
My how things have remained the same, as both routes remain widely popular and scenic.

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