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Tip of the Peninsula
Although the Grand Traverse Lighthouse itself is in good condi- tion, efforts are underway to improve other aspects of the immediate area and also preserve artifacts that are part of the museum’s collection.
“First on this list is a climate-con- trolled pole building offsite to house our artifacts collection,” said Stef Staley, executive director of the Lighthouse Museum, located at the end of the peninsula. It’s the busiest and easiest of the lighthouse quartet to visit.
Other aspects of the lighthouse need attention, too.
“We need to restore some century old stone structures, a bird house and planters,” said Staley.
Because the lighthouse is located within Leelanau State Park, a new playground may be in the works to accommodate the line of young visi- tors who take an interest in light- house lore.
“Safety concerns have left us only a swing set,” Staley said. “It’ll give the kids who visit something addi- tional to do while they’re here.”
Speaking of things to do, the Lighthouse Museum has events scheduled throughout fall designed
The National Park Service this summer embarked on a major project to prevent the shoreline near South Manitou Lighthouse from continuing to erode. • 231-386-1088
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