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Nonpro ts
at work at 3
to entertain and inform.
“We have our haunted lighthouse
starting the third weekend in October through the following week,” Staley said. “It’s all deco- rated haunted and spooky. Anybody three-to-90 years old can go upstairs and feel pretty comfortable. Or you can go to the basement and have Northport School students scare the daylights out of you.”
There’s also a continuing exhibit on shipwrecks.
“We know of 14 total shipwrecks in the area, but only  ve or six have actually been found,” Staley said. The nonpro t is working with Northport School to document one wreck with new information.
“We also have a pool with a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) that the general public can come out and drive,”
A major undertaking began this summer to rehab The Crib, which was purchased from the federal government by a newly formed nonpro t.
the bank of the light which has experienced signi cant erosion due to wave action and sand, especially after the winter of 2015-2016.”
A second project is in the plan- ning stages.
“We are renovating the keepers’ quarters and the fog signal building to allow visitors access to those two structures. We’ll have interpretive elements and there will be areas that are accessible for people with disabilities,” Tucker explained.
“We’ll also have a new mobile app which will go into the hidden stories of the lighthouse.”
South Manitou lighthouse comes with a lot of history
“One of the greatest things about the South Manitou lighthouse is the people stories,” said Tucker. “The people who lived here were heroes, committed to saving lives and pre- serving lives on Lake Michigan.”
Following that tradition, descen- dants of lighthouse keepers are helping with preservation activities, underscoring the importance of the buildings in local lore.
“You’ve heard of witness trees which were around when signi - cant events in our history took place and merit saving,” said Tucker. “These buildings provide a similar
Staley said.
117 steps to the heavens
Work on South Manitou Lighthouse has been a six-day a week project that will hopefully con-
clude by the end of September, according to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore superintendent Scott Tucker.
“It’s a shoreline restoration proj- ect,” he said. “We’re re-armoring
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