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Paula Al en of Centerville Township adds ingredients to her chili that take the emphasis off beans.
Getting kids to eat fall comfort food
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By Amy Hubbell
Special to the Color Tour
Shorter days and changing colors signal the beginning of fall, ushering in a menu that may not seem appetiz- ing since ... March.
It’s chili time, and the number of variations in preparing the dish is limited only by the number of ingre- dients available to you.
Jackie Herman, longtime school cook at Lake Leelanau St. Mary, is responsible for making chili in huge quantities for the school’s annual Chili for a Cause dinner held in the school cafeteria each winter. Proceeds from the meal go to a local project or family in need.
She makes six, 6-inch pans that  t into a steam table, including a meat- less alternative that includes onions, carrots, celery and a couple differ- ence kinds of beans.
“My go-to recipe calls for canned
tomatoes, kidney beans, burger, cel- ery, onions, seasoning salt and chili seasoning,” Herman said. “It’s a mild variety, but it always goes.”
Not crazy about tomatoes? Fear not.
She’s got you covered there, too.
“I also make a white bean, chicken chili with great northern beans and a chicken base,” Herman said. “It also as carrots, celery, onions and green chilies.
“It’s great with a cheesy garlic bread or roll.”
Centerville Township resident Paula Al en, a registered dietitian, is always looking for ways to get her daughters to eat healthy. And chili was no exception.
“I have always been conscious about what they were eating,” said Al en, who reference the book “Quick and Healthy” by Brenda Pontichera. “I came up with a recipe
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