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Becky Kasben’s favorite way to view fall colors is from atop the back of a horse. Pictured is a trail in Empire she frequents with friends.
Ditch the front seat, climb into a saddle for color
By Kelsey Pease
of the Enterprise staff
As leaves change, days shorten and temperatures drop, local eques- trians are chomping at the bit to embark on fall color tours atop four- legged transportation.
“It’s such a good feeling, taking in all these picturesque views on horse- back,” said Becky Kasben of Lake Leelanau, who has been riding since her father set her up on a mare at only 1 1/2 years old.
Kasben owns two quarter horses, Khaleesi and Wonder.
Growing up in Cedar and riding on her own at the age of three, Kasben has been on many a fall color tour on horseback.
“We live in such a beautiful coun- ty,” she said. “You can go almost any place and see the landscape of trees over the water.”
For Debbie Slocombe of Suttons
Bay, boarding horses on her farm- stead in Leelanau County is a life- long dream come true.
“We moved our family here 19 years ago and looked everywhere for a farm,” Slocombe said. “It’s hard to  nd property for horses up here, though, so we had to be really patient and I knocked on a lot of doors.”
Six years later, Slocombe, her hus- band and their two young daughters to a 21 acre parcel just south of Suttons Bay on M-22. They built their own barn on the property and have been boarding horses there for over a decade. Twelve reside there currently.
In Slocombe’s opinion, there is no better place to ride than Leelanau County. And that’s coming from someone who rode in the North Sea earlier this year.
“We visited the exchange student we hosted a few years ago from
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