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Lake Leelanau resident Nancy Priest recalls a life during a simpler time along the Narrows.
About the author
Author Kathleen Stocking is truly a Leelanau County treasure. We encourage you to pick up her latest book, “The Long Arc of the Universe,” which offers a worldly view of her encounters and philosophies. She is also author of “Lake Country” and “Letters from the Universe.” You’ll recognize the “locals” — both people and places.
Wrote Jim Harrison, “Kathleen Stocking has an intensely appealing ability to write about the Leelanau area. I don’t think anyone does it better.” Harrison for a part of his life lived on a farm in Centerville Township.
For the Color Tour, Kathy uses that intensity to bring readers intimately close to the Lake Leelanau Narrows through stories of two long-time Leelanau families.
Getting intimate with Lake Leelanau Narrows
Where a Lake Rejuvenates
By Kathleen Stocking
Special to the Enterprise
At dawn in fall the mist can be so thick, there is no other world. Strange sounds — well, strange to those who don’t hear them every day — come from the marshes. There’s a bird
somewhere in the distance, maybe a dove, with a sound like a kid blowing air over a Coke bottle, a kind of low, breathy, Peruvian  ute sound. There are the red-wing blackbirds with their high-pitched trilling calls that rend
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