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‘But then he learned there was no danger.’
The Haunted
Sat/Sun – October 20 & 21 10 to 4 pm
Grand Traverse Lighthouse Leelanau State Park
Wander the Haunted Basement Activites for children of all ages Have a s'more by the campfire Climb the haunted tower
State Park entry fee required.
Fee for Haunted Lighthouse $5 Adults, $2 Children
This is a fundraiser for the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum
Leelanau Shipwreck Exhibit
visits them in Lake Leelanau.
“At  rst, he was afraid,” said Mrs. Cordes of his grandson’s visits to their home on the Narrows. “But then
he learned there was no danger.”
As their family has global connec- tions, so does the village of Lake Leelanau. The local grocery store, which belonged to the French- Canadian Plamondon family for three generations, is now owned by a a Hindu family from India. The Postmaster’s family originated in Mexico and his assistant has a moth- er from the Philippines. The village of Lake Leelanau, once so insular that everyone seemed related, is now multi-cultural. People are from
But the natural world to a large
extent has remained unchanged. Owls hunt here. Owls have big legs and claws. Their incredible vision allows them to see things we can’t. Their even more incredible hearing makes it possible for them to “locate their prey in total darkness,”
according to Robert Paxton, in the New York Review of Books in May 2017. Paxton writes, “In some owls, one ear is larger than the other and located higher on the head, so they can locate rustling mice by aural tri- angulation.”
Swans in spring swim up and down the narrows with their babies.
“The snapping turtles get the baby swans,” Mrs. Cordes says, “They come under the water and grab their legs.” Snapping turtles are cute when they’re babies, like all baby crea- tures, but dinosaur-like when older with their hoary heads and armor-plat- ing. They can live to be over 100 years old. Their necks are deceptive- ly long, capable of reaching all the way back to their hindlegs.
“We don’t put out birdfeeders,” Mrs. Cordes says, “because of the bears.”
Feeders aren’t needed.
“This is our entertainment,” Mrs. Cordes says. “We sit out here and just feel at peace.”
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Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum Leelanau State Park
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