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Surrounded By Beauty
Turn left, and you  nd water. Turn right for more water.
Or just keep driving north
until there’s water nearly all around.
So it is when you cross the county line into Leelanau. It’s hard to  nd a place here that’s not de ned by fresh, clear water.
From Greilickville — nicknamed the gateway to
Leelanau County — all around the horn, you’ll  nd Lake Michigan at your beckon. Lake Leelanau and Glen Lake, the 14th and 18th largest inland lakes in the state, are just over a drumlin.
It’s a beauty we all share, and through the years “we” has come to include people from all walks of life. They even have names. Fudgies. Summer
People. Permafudge.
And some are natives —
people born and raised in Leelanau County.
It’s like denominations sharing a faith. In the summer we’re all together, sharing this place made for memories and photographs.
There are local nicknames, too, including that “horn” phrase. A trip around the horn
goes around the peninsula, from Greilickville to Empire. Time it right — that is, go slow and soak in all that the county offers — and you’ll travel from sunup to sundown among all the ingredients of a perfect day.
Enjoy your day in Leelanau.
Everywhere visitors at overlooks on Pierce Stocking Drive look, they  nd a photo to take home.
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