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Suttons Bay  lls nearly to capacity to take in blues and rock during the annual Wine on the Water festival, sponsored annually by the Leelanau Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.
Elise LeVois and John Curley of
Royal Oak take breaks from
shopping in variety- lled
downtown Suttons Bay.
Leelanau Visitors Guide 2018
f there was one word to describe Suttons Bay, it might be variety.
It’s bright-colored storefronts lining both
Suttons Bay — for the variety of shops and more ‘full service’ atmosphere.”
Suttons Bay’s legacy is steeped in its unchanging downtown that is anchored by a historic — but modernized — movie theatre, an eatery that dates to 1871, and a clothing store whose roots date to a Norwegian immigrant who set up shop in 1876. The Suttons Bay Theater, VI Grill and Bahles
of Suttons Bay help make up the heart of Main Street.
But the village is constantly changing with new restaurants replacing former residences, specialty food shops opening doors and even a store that specializes in custom essential oil blends.
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sides of main street could be used as a Hollywood set for a Western.
There are playgrounds and pickleball courts. Swimming and shopping.
Oh, about that shopping. Leelanau’s largest village can  ll your list with gifts and memorabilia that say, “Leelanau!”
A visitor from the Detroit area, Martha Moyer, loves Suttons Bay. Here’s what she had to say: “Each of Leelanau’s towns has its own appeal, but if I had to pick one favorite, it would be

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