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T he villages of Northport and
Omena are timeless treasures near the tip of the peninsula. Both are known
for their lakeside beauty and “back-in-the-day” feel.
For Chicago resident
Diane Mahon and her family, the drive to the villages is memorable in itself.
“My favorite memory of visiting Leelanau county is the drive up the west coast of the lake, visiting Northport
Point, Leelanau State Park,
the old Mission Lighthouse
and everything in between,” Mahon said. “We love a
good road trip and driving with the sunroof open on a beautiful summer day, and the views to Lake Michigan were breathtaking.”
Northport/Omena Chamber of Commerce president Ben Crow agrees while summarizing what the villages have to offer — which is plenty.
“It’s a beautiful drive up the peninsula to a quaint town that
has everything, from breweries to  ne dining to shopping
and fun. We have beaches, a harbor, state park and a hiking trail. And we have wonderful events throughout the year,” Crow said.
Northport Village embraces a spirit of welcoming that includes putting on a top- notch Fourth of July  reworks display and later in the summer a hometown parade. The Northport Dog Parade is held on the same day as the what the Chamber dubs as the
state’s only dog-friendly wine festival. The Northport Wine and Craft Beer Festival, like so many summertime activities, is held
in Haserot Park. The date this summer is Saturday, Aug. 11.
The park swells with people every Friday from 7-9 p.m. for a concert sponsored by the Chamber in an idyllic setting. The “Music in the Park” series started 33 years ago on a  at- bed trailer. It’s now a weekly celebration that attracts families young and old to hear
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The Northport Dog Parade, whose theme in 2017 was “Hairy Tales,” brings
out locals Kristi Kalchik Chanter, left, and Gail Koch and their furry best friends.

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