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The Lake Leelanau Narrows, whose northwest shoreline is protected from development by the Leelanau Conservancy, offers one of the most picturesque views of Leelanau County.
f you’re visiting Leelanau County, sooner or later you’ll pass through Lake Leelanau.
between the blue collar spirit that settled the county and summer folks who rely on Leelanau to freshen up their lives, Lake Leelanau may
be the best example. Here, families from all walks of life recreate and soak in life.
Susan Och, township supervisor of Leland Township, said the wine tasting and distilleries in Lake Leelanau are not to be missed. “The Distillery is a good place to stop for cocktails and then walk right next door to Red Top for pizza. It’s a nice night out. Or, in the summer, Bella Fortuna is a wonderful place for an old-
school Italian meal.” At the heart of this
community, however, is
St. Mary Church. If you’re fortunate enough to be in town for the church’s chicken dinner and summer fair, you’re in for
a treat. It’s a mouth-watering event with chicken roasted
in over barbecue bricks. Little ones play games, adults play bingo and all are welcome to grab a mike for karaoke.
Another popular event, the Lake Leelanau Street Fair, has been moved and is now scheduled for Sept. 15.
The calm waters of Lake Leelanau draw boaters of
all kinds. Two launches are provided, with the Department of Natural Resources site southeast of the Narrows bridge the most popular. Smaller boats can also be launched northwest west of the bridge at Amelia Schaub landing. More on that later.
The lake itself is spectacular, offering an 8,600-acre waterway that transects
the Leelanau Peninsula. If you’re searching for an out- of-the-way spot to swim, try Schneider’s Beach at the northern end to Popp Road.
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Take time to stop. It’s a community that
offers a surprising number of opportunities.
Nestled in the heart of
the Leelanau peninsula and surrounded by vineyards,
Lake Leelanau serves as the county’s gatekeeper. Whether traveling east to west or west to east, the Narrows Bridge will point your way.
While all Leelanau villages show split personalities
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