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best photo op, park the car
on either side of the bridge and walk across. To one side, you will see great views of
the dunes. In fact, a local favorite is to wait until sunset and take a snappy silhouette of your group painted by bright oranges and pinks. On the other side, you’ll look out across the shining waters of big Glen Lake.
Waiting for sunset? Pull out your  shing pole to cast for bass, trout or perch off the  shing platform. The platform was built in the summer of 2009 when the bridge was replaced. Some locals said the work trapped the lake’s popular perch population in big Glen Lake, so  shing was poor in the smaller basin. Others scoffed and said the  nicky perch just weren’t biting.
Empire Bluff
It all starts from a parking lot
off Wilco Road just south of Empire Village. After a short, sometimes steep, hike to the top, you will be rewarded with amazing views of Lake Michigan with the Empire Beach down below
Kevin and Jessy Glaser and their toddler, Vivianna, from Appleton, Wis., found the Lakeshore through someone else’s photographs, then walked the bluff last summer for sel e opportunities.
“I like to look at images of
pretty places to visit,” Jessy said. “I also see the Pure Michigan advertisements, and the view of the lake from the bluffs convinced me.”
The walk sets the table.
“It’s three quarters of a mile up to a beautiful overlook,” explained park ranger and interpreter Lisa Griebel. “The destination is what people are going for.”
3. Pyramid Point
The 2.7 mile trail will you
on top of the world — or at least the Lakeshore, with Lake Michigan and the Manitous spread before you. From Glen Arbor, travel north to Port Oneida Road and turn right again onto Basch Road to  nd the trail head.
You’ll hike through three different environments to
your sel e destination: maple- beech forest, high bluffs, and meadow. Once on top, please head the posted warning and descend the bluff for your safety and to protect the face of the hill from erosion.
One Facebook post under the heading, “Whew!,”
stated: “Great trail! Steep climbs. Great hike. The view is awesome when you reach the top.”
The ultimate sel e would be from a hang glider, which are allowed at Empire Bluff and Pyramid Point with a free  ight permit from the National Park Service.
Make sure to get one of the Manitou islands in your self- portrait.
Friends can’t resist snapping a sel e at an overlook along Pierce Stocking Trail, which is No. 1 on our list.
Dune Climb
If there was ever an iconic
Leelanau county photo opportunity, the dune climb is it. The Dune Climb is a must- see — and climb — for every Lakeshore visitor. Sel es at
this spot abound. The natural shot is the “This is my park” frame, but you’ll need some help to capture the scene. If you’re looking for that “live action” shot coming down the dune, be quick and aim high. Another option is a video taken
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